How wedding culture could change even after the PANDEMIC !

How wedding culture could change even after the PANDEMIC !

Oct 04, 2020

By Admin

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has severely hit the wedding industry all over the world. Millions of weddings planned across the world have been called off or postponed in the last four months in light of the ongoing health crisis.

Giving the idea of a big fat Indian wedding a miss, some couples have chosen to tie a knot in the presence of eight to ten close relatives, but who would like an album with 50 odd guests wearing masks and maintaining social distancing! People have been cancelling their bookings and are waiting for the next auspicious season in December and January

Those who don't want to wait are getting married at home in the presence of a select few family members.While people have the option of organising a small ceremony with only 50 guests, very few are interested which is why people are calling off their weddings and waiting for things to get back to normal. Some couples even opted for court marriages and planned to organise a proper wedding ceremony afterwards.

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