Post pandemic weddings; how things are changing.

Post pandemic weddings; how things are changing.

01 Mar, 2021

By Admin

In a time when covid-19 has taken over the world, and life coming to an almost standstill, people have found ways to celebrate even in the most dire circumstances. And of course we cannot exempt weddings. When two people get married it is the most magical and happiest day of their life, it is a milestone. But since this pandemic, couples all around the world have had to cancel or postpone their weddings, or find new ways to adapt and come up with ingenious ideas on how to celebrate their weddings with their loved ones. It is the new normal. But exactly how have weddings post covid-19 changed that much? Well, by a lot!
The idea of having a wedding during covid-19 was seriously out of the books for many of us, we couldn't imagine how a wedding could be called a wedding without a thousand people there, plenty of lavish food, colourful decor and music blaring everywhere. In fact, that is a wedding! Especially for Indians. But all this has and will definitely change for the next foreseeable future. All that we know and think about weddings should be thrown out the window, because weddings have changed big time.

A virtual, yet intimate experience
Firstly, the number of guests have decreased almost two fold, this makes for an intimate wedding where close friends and family are the most important people for the bride and groom. But if you haven't got an invite for the physical wedding, don't be salty about it, you’ll probably get an invitation to join virtually! Because virtual weddings are the new thing and are a big godsend for wedding planners and all the couples out there looking to tie the knot during this ongoing covid-19 pandemic. LED screens are put up where friends and family members who can’t attend due to restrictions can also be a part of the special occasion, so no one feels left out. Now with this alternative, most people are jumping on the virtual wedding bandwagon. Thank god for advances in technology.

Home is where the heart is
Since there have been travel restrictions all over the world, people are deciding to explore their hometowns, and have opted for wedding venues in their home country and state, where they are with family and there is no hassle of travel expenses, hotel bookings etc. couples are even having their weddings in their own houses and backyards with their near and dear ones.. In one way you can say, covid-19 has brought everyone back to their home roots, because home is definitely where the heart is.

Destination weddings are still a Go
With travel restrictions now being relaxed, and a limited number of guests required, destination weddings are looking far more approachable than ever. Couples are choosing to have their weddings in off-beat, unique locations like heritage and boutique hotels, with their 50 close friends and family members. And Goa is definitely the place for that. You can be assured that no matter where in Goa you are , Maybe an intimate wedding on the beach with the sunset and sea or a wedding in a quaint, boutique hotel, overlooking the rivers and lakes of Goa’s countryside, that NOOR Amore will help couples make their dream wedding extra special! Goa’s picturesque beaches, hotels, influence of portuguese culture, churches, temples and the famous Latin quarter of panjim are just some of the beauty Goa has to offer. The most important question one must ask themselves is, To Goa or not to Goa?

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